Coming Soon in 2024

With the constant improvement in technology the studio is now in your hand. In the months ahead, I will be offering virtual classes targeted at individuals who want to learn more about making music and the music business. Topic areas include:

Curious About Making Music?

For beginners, my classes will be directed towards users of iPads and iPhones, though the concepts will work for many platforms, I'm developing classes that will educate and demonstrate how users of these devices can create music using just their iPhone or ipad. All you need is your device.

Want to take your Music to the Next Level?

For more advanced musicians and producers, I will help you make the most of your current tracks or help you with guidance on the business side.

In-Person Instruction

All of my classes will be taught live in a virtual setting, so you can ask questions and get the guidance you need. Group Classes and Private sessions will be available.

Check back soon as I will be adding more details and class schedules.

Is This for You?

Do you have an interest in creating or producing finished pieces of music? Have you been creating music already and want to learn how to improve your final product? Do you want to learn more about rights management, publishing your music, and copyrighting your music? Then my classes will be perfect for you.