Daddy Rapper


Haven't heard of Daddy Rapper?

He's soon to become a household name with his debut hit single titled “The Running Man.” Watch for it!

Hailing from Florida, Daddy Rapper has been expanding his talent as a songwriter and has now created the One! The Hit! The Breakout Track! A collaboration with longtime writing partner and producer Kevin Michael.

The song is contagious! Watch this space for the Running Man signature dance moves and viral video that will have you and the World joining in on making us the next Phenomenal Dance. Daddy Rapper and Kevin Michael hope to join the ranks of the Macarena, Mambo #5, Party Rock, and Gangnam Style with, you guessed it: The Running Man.

Daddy Rapper has collaborated with Kevin Michael on pop songs and EDM/dance tracks used by artists produced by Kevin Michael Productions. Daddy Rapper’s follow-up to Running Man will be Car Dance, a song in the electronic pop genre.

So get ready to! Wham! Bam! Do the Running Man!